I’m continuously testing out new paints, easels, brushes and reading books about art. I spend a lot of time researching these items and I consider it part of being of being an artist. While I enjoy trying out new materials and techniques, it’s also expensive and time consuming. There are many items that I try out that just don’t work as expected. It might be that the product didn’t live up to my expectations or it wore out early. I hope that I can help you to avoid the inferior products and help you to choose items that will increase your productivity or make your life as an artist easier.

The art supplies that I recommend are listed below and they’re arranged by category. Simply click on the pictures below to read more. I hope you find my recommendations as useful as I have.

Have fun with your painting!

  • easels for painting
  • Best pochade box
  • Best palettes for acrylic painting
  • Best sketchbooks
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