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The Easiest Painting Medium for Beginners

In Acrylic Painting, Watercolor by Chris BreierLeave a Comment

Thinking of taking up painting as a hobby? You may be wondering which painting medium is easiest for beginners. To be honest, learning how to paint requires consistent practice and effort. However, some painting mediums are easier to get started with than others. I believe acrylics have many qualities that make them more beginner friendly than oils or watercolors. Acrylics …

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How to Mix Red

In Acrylic Painting, Color, Watercolor by Chris Breier2 Comments

I’ve never taken a painting class that teaches how to mix Red. If the class covers color theory at all, they teach that red is a primary color and that you can’t mix it from other colors. This isn’t true. You can mix red with just two colors; Quinacridone Magenta, and Hansa Yellow Medium. This is not a new idea. …